About us

Blood makes the difference.

These words are and have been the motto of many breeders of successfull sport-horses.


The racecourse as an incorruptible selektion principle has produced a horse whose noble appearance, stamina, nerve, galloping ability and courage have always been good for the breed of the warmblood and has made it the modern type of sporthorse, that we are looking for today.

We, the association of " breeders of  blood-type horses and potential eventers" have joined forces to help these horses to get back to the attention they deserve.

First and foremost this is intended for a sales cooperative in the form of an auction.

Many sports riders keep complaining about blood-infused sport horses are hard to find here, so they look for a sports horse of their choice in Ireland, England and France.

On the other hand there are quite some breeders who would like to match their mares to a Thoroughbred, Anglo-Arab or an Arabian Thoroughbred, if they would know where and how to sell the offspring. Conversely, this also aplies to  thoroughbred mares which may have been too slow in the racetrack, but would be excellent as a dam of future sport horses.

We strive to do justice to both groups. For this reason we select blood-infused sport-horses of all possible breedings in Germany and the neighbouring countries in order to be able to offer them to an international audience in autumn.

Our team consists of riders, breeders and eventingofficials, who have been successfully following their passion for years and have bred, trained, competed and judged blood-type horses.

Until times allows us to run an "old fashioned" auction, where to find the horse of your dreams, meet friends and have nice conversations, we put up that homepage.

This was our purpose for starting an online platform.


??????Beside the latest offers, we will inform you about breeding, training and news in our social media accounts.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you onto our Online Platform??