Tabaluga **

Tabaluga **



2 year old stallion candidate with a very interesting blood combination.

The pedigree of this stallion candidate makes you sit up and take notice in every respect. On the father's side ox and on the mother's side over 70% xx and thus basically an Anglo Arab. 

The combination of noble bloods chosen here, can also shine on both sides with a special performance disposition: Sire Tabajan ox Association premium stallion licensed in the ZSAA with the top grade of the AV 2012. Approved for all breeds.

Double performance tested in endurance sports. Over 2400 km idW. More than 30 rides idW, 11 wins. Multiple winner on 160 km. Best condition price on 100, 122 & 160 km. Internationally successful! Bronze at the 2015 German Championships.

On the mother's side, we find absolute performance blood for eventing. The dam's sire Duke of Hearts xx himself with a handicap of 90.5 kg in horse racing, produced numerous candidates for international sport during his time in warmblood breeding and was considered one of the most successful thoroughbred stallions of the present until his death in early summer 2020. 

Another highlight in the pedigree is the young stallion's grandmother, she is none other than the mother of “SAP Hale BOB OLD”, who with Ingrid Klimke sets standards at all championships. The full brother of the mother is also "Dacapo", who already celebrated successes in CIC3 * in England in 2018 with Giovanni Ugolotti.

The young colt, born in 2018, is maturing into an offer that will be exciting both in terms of sport and breeding. On the occasion of the foal evaluation of the ZSAA he received the ** foal premium with an “excellent” for type and build and “very good” for walking. Since then he has been reared in a Big Plot of land in the herd of young stallions, where mountainous terrain and crossing streams are part of everyday life from an early age. The young stallion currently has 155cm in The moment and is still growing. A half-brother of the stallion has already found a home with Sandra Auffahrt.


Eventing, Endurance, Breeding


Tabajan ox
Duke of Hearts xx